Need to install all aplication from an old partition to new partition

I need to make an export of packages in to a file from an old install.
I need to install all packages from old install in a new installed system.
How to do ?

In Debian system is simple.
But in openSUSE I don’t know.


From old partition after boot

rpm -qai | grep "^Name        :" | awk '{print $3}' | xargs > rpm_pkgs_list

to new partition as root

zypper in $(cat rpm_pkgs_list)

That was really cool! Nice example of cmdline power.

Are there any distribution version differences and/or changes between the “old” and “new” installations?
[HR][/HR]For example, given the KDE GUI, between 13.2 (KDE4 Plasma) and Leap 42.1 (KDE Plasma 5) there are more than a few changes in package names and dependencies.