Need to download opensuse 10.1

I need opensuse 10.1. I couldn’t find a download link anywhere. Can anyone help?

BTW - Other versions like 10.2 or 11 won’t work for me. I need only 10.1.


You realise that 10.1 is out of support, will not receive security patches and already has published known exploits?

Index of /mirror/

Please do not use it as your primary system.

I only need it to build the valgrind rpm. This rpm may be built only on this distro. Other than that, I don’t plan to use it.


One more question - the link that you gave is SUSE-Linux 10.1. Is there any difference between this one and open-suse 10.1?


They are the same thing.

Not quite the same. The name changed from SuSE to openSUSE, to make a clear difference between the Novell distro SUSE Linux, and the community based version ‘openSUSE’.

Since there was no openSUSE 10.1 the point is moot.

openMoot ? :wink:

I know quite some people running SLED 10. Some of them refer to it as 10.1, 10.2 instead of 10 SP1, 10 SP2. Wouldn’t be the first time here posters mix this up.

But, remark was not intended to correct you.