Need to configure a missing user password v12.1

The point is that have completely forgotten the original user password. Sometimes (do not really when and why exactly) is asked to put the user’s password and as (had the bad decission) to save it in Firefox… Missed it completely of my mind!!!

Tried to configure a new user’s password but it asks me to write down the original (previous) user’s password. So, am in a non-solve circle.

Please tell me, how should I proceed to configure one new user’s password. I do remember and use -whenever needed- the root’s password.

Do appreciate it!!!

So, if you know the root user password, run YaST / Security & Users / User and Group Management. Double Click on the User in the users tab and on the User Data tab, enter the new password twice. If you do not know the root user password, you must get with the user in question to change a password. YaST can not be used to change a web site password and in general only the administrator person can do so.

Thank You,

Of course you need root permissions to set a password of a user who is forgotten his/hers. What else would password protection be worth? Usiing YaST, like explained above, is the most secure way (secure in: least possibility to misuse root permissions). But there is of course a CLI solution (by* root*). Thus when you need it, feel free to ask, or read

man 1 passwd

Done with Yast and proved with command!!! Lots of thanks.

You ar welcome!