Need suggestions on buying a netbook

I was thinking of buying a netbook, but their are some criteria that I not sure any model is able to meet:

  • it must be fully linux-compatible, no broadcom & friends
  • it must not have Windows of any kind preinstalled, I don’t pay M$ tax
  • it must have 3d acceleration
  • it must not be Acer(I hate the brand badly)
  • it should but not exclusively have 2GB of ram
  • it should have a camera of at least 1Megapixel
  • sound card must have a descent driver, it must work with skype
  • and I want to be able to connect it to external displays
  • ethernet and wireless card
  • sleep,hibernate & friends must work flawlessly under linux without hacks
  • price range: around 300 EURO

Another thing I don’t know about netbooks: can you code on netbooks? can you get used to the small keys?

If someone knows a model that fits my requirements please post it here. I am considering on buying one, but don’t want to waste my money.

IMHO two categories are not compatible:

The netbooks keep their price down by having a slow CPU. That typically means no 3D nor special desktop effects.