need some input ?

i have installed suse 11.0 and all is great ,i have an exstra hardive thats empty ,how do i use it a an exstra drive so it will show up in suse and what type of format is needed to make it work…thank you

If you plan to use this drive only for openSUSE, then ext3 is a reasonable format. Many users like xfs.

If you wish to share this drive with MS-Windows, then best format it as VFAT (FAT-32) or NTFS.

You can setup the driver with YaST > System > Partitioner. Be careful here, as you could borq your system and not be able to boot (or worse wipe out the wrong drive/partition) if you are not careful.

Alternatively you could download a liveCD such as gparted or parted-magic, and burn the liveCD, boot to the liveCD, and format this new drive with the liveCD, and then with openSUSE do a manual edit of your /etc/fstab file to allow access.
gparted: GParted – Welcome
parted magic: