Need Prague travel information.


I have done with the registration for OpenSuSe conference which is going to held in Prague between 20~23 October 2012.
I am going to come from India & as I haven’t been to Europe I have few queries hope some1 can answer. :slight_smile:

  • Journey duration from Frankfurt to Prague by train & bus.
  • Journey duration from Milan to Prague by train & bus.
  • Any useful web-sites from where I can search for cheapest train/bus tickets?
  • Frankfurt to Prague is less distance or Milan to Prague & which route + mode of journey is recommended? Time is not an issue for me ]
  • How the weather would in Prague in October? Summer?
  • And Euro’s are accepted in Czech Republic or CZ currency only? I mean at restaurants etc 1 can make payment in Euro’s? ]

Ryan air doesn’t fly from Frankfurt/Milan to Prague which is a bad news for me. I also checked with Fly Nikki.
I am not taking direct flight from Mumbai to Prague because it’s over expensive.



Cannot answer all your questions but Frankfurt Airport-Prague is a 4-7 hour journey depending on type of train. I would advise you book train tickets with DB (