Need package listing all available patterns, obs project URL

Primary Objective
List package content of a specified pattern

In the past, I hadn’t found a zypper or RPM command which would list contents of a meta-package like a pattern, the rpm command only listed contents of real packages for me.

So, long ago I somehow found the obs project for the package that contained an XML document that listed all patterns in the specified release, and the contents of each pattern. Looks like the last time I cleared my browser cache, I likely cleared history as well, so don’t have those old URLs which I modified to find the package for every openSUSE release.

Am hoping

  1. Someone can locate that OBS project that contains the XML file that lists every available pattern and its contents for any version of openSUSE

  2. If somehow there is a command or combination of commands to simply list the meta list of packages within a specified pattern, that would be really cool.

Unfortunately for me, the OBS search hasn’t worked for me, so hoping someone with better search skills than mine could be more successful.