Need OpenSuse Package for SCIM Google Pinyin (Chinese Input)


This is my first time to post on this side of the forum so pardon me if I am barking up the wrong tree. Google’s Pinyin input method for Chinese Google Pinyin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is a fantastic tool and is being ported to Linux scim-googlepinyin - Project Hosting on Google Code I But unfortunately it seems that it only works for those using Debian distributions. I am hoping to be one of the first to test it out in the OpenSuse community. Does anyone have the interest/capability to package the application? Thanks in advance! R.

It’s up on the build service now (builds fine locally). They are having issues with OBS, so not sure how long it may take.

Just keep an eye out here; Search Results

To make a normal package, anyone who can build the software from source should have no problem with OBS in accomplishing such thing.
If you want to make this package into openSUSE or any of the main repositories, this means that you will also be the maintainer of the package, which means people will do bug reports to you, you are responsible for interacting with upstream project and sort all problems with the package.

Best of luck finding someone to pick it up… if you do have the know-how to package it and want to move it into openSUSE, you can see help on the #opensuse-buildservice (freenode irc) and on the opensuse-buildservice mailing list. The openSUSE community is very friendly and helpful, at least to people commited in improving openSUSE. If you have time, take a look at openSUSE Build Service (OBS) and start building a package :slight_smile:

Thanks for your insight into this! Its great how the more time you spend on here the more you learn how amazingly complex and interesting the world of computing is…Currently I don’t have the knowledge or the time to devote myself to such a project, but perhaps in the future, as I learn more about Linux (it will be 1 yr in November) I can contribute more. In meantime is there anyway that I can build awareness for making this package a priority with anyone? I believe having it as an option will benefit OpenSuse community. When I look at my own posting history - I notice that my post regarding Chinese input received many views. There must be an interest in this among community members. Any advice?

I did package it up for you?

Ok I see it now! Thanks very much sir!

Your welcome, if you have problems with it post back here :wink:

You might have a look at ibus instead of scim. SCIM is unmaintened, deprecated, mostly dead upstream and will be replaced very soon by ibus.
However, I am not sure if google-pinyin will be integrated to ibus

Ok this is interesting. I will need to take a look at it, but the most important feature of google-pinyin is that it supported “cloud updates” so that as new compounds were created in the language, they would be updated in the database and pushed to the user. My understanding from Wikipedia is that this was also true of other pinyin input schemes such as Sogou. Therefore if Ibus is also supporting this feature it might not be necessary to have a google-pinyin integration. Therefore this supports the developers rational. In any case thanks for this update and I’ll definitely look into this some more…

Hi SpyHawk,

Please take a look at the thread I started regarding Installing IBUS for OpenSuse 11.3. As I have run into an installation problem and it would be great if you could offer some advice.


Yes looks like the project is developing ibus-cloud-pinyin - Project Hosting on Google Code cloud features. And it seems like Google they based it on the Sogou project ibus-sogoupycc - Project Hosting on Google Code. Very interesting stuff!

Problem solved! I love the KDE integration!

Great :slight_smile:
Hope you’ll like ibus. I do :slight_smile: