need opensus 13.2 iso

I have opensus 13.1 installed and need to upgrade to 13.2 before I can upgrade to leap. does anyone have a working link to grab the 13.2 iso so that I can upgrade.



13.2 is still available for download on the standard servers:

There are also some mirrors that keep older distributions, see .

Actually it should be possible to upgrade to Leap directly also from 13.1 though.

You’ll probably want the last published updates for each discontinued version as well

The released ISOs for discontinued openSUSE

The last published updates for each discontinued openSUSE

If you don’t know how to configure an update repo, post again.


Upgrades from 13.1 or 13.2 directly to 42.3 Leap are possible? No need to do 42.1 or 42.2?

Of course they are “possible”, but the question is whether they work… :wink:

In general, I won’t see a reason why there should be problems (actually 42.x are only minor upgrades anyway), but in the end it may depend on what packages you installed exactly, what additional repos you are using, customizations… Like with every upgrade.

Anyway, 13.2->42.3 is tested (with standard GNOME and KDE default installations at least).