Need Network Manager Desktop Applet (Suse 12.1)

I have just installed OpenSuse 12.1 from the KDE live CD. I want to switch network managers from ifup to knetworkmanager (now plasmoid-networkmanager). In order to do so I need the knetworkmanager (or whatever it’s called now) desktop applet. Could someone tell me what the package name of this applet is called? It doesn’t appear to be installed by default, at least not from the live CD. Thanks.

Yes. it should be installed by default, especially from the live CD.

“Personal Settings” → “Startup and Shutdown” → “Service Manager”

In the bottom panel, make sure that “NetworkManager User Settings Service” is checked. And if it says “Not running”, then click on “Start”.

Then unlock desktop widgets (if you locked them).
Right click on panel. Select “Panel Options” → “Panel Settings”.
Now move the mouse just above the tray. There should be an option for tray settings. Select that.
In the tray settings window, make sure that “Network Manager” is selected.

I’m not certain, but I think that if NetworkManager is running on the first time that you login to KDE, it defaults to show the desktop applet. If the system is set for “ifup” when you first login, then it does not show the applet. In any case, it can be changed as I have just described.

I followed your instructions to activate the network applet. I then opened yast and switched from ifup to Network Manager, closed yast and rebooted. Everything works just fine. Excuse me for being such a nob but this is my first foray into OpenSuse.

I’m glad to hear it.

Welcome to openSUSE. I hope your experience with it turns out well.

This forum is a great place for users helping each other,