need more packages for pentesters/security (repo 'd be best)

Very often I’m in lack of some package that is likely to be present in a few (not only in Debian) distributions.

Generally I think that we need to 've a security & pen tester tools repository.

Are there anyone who can share a good security/pentest/hacking repo urls for zypper?

Whould anyone care if I’ll post somewhere a list of tools the open suse lacks?

Well, maybe you should start to package them yourself?

It’s not that difficult and there are very good tutorials on OBS in the openSUSE Wiki.

But then again, you should be aware of the application blacklist of stuff, which will not be packaged.

I also package a few applications only for myself but my personal reason for not publishing them is that I don’t want to help some clueless, stupid script kiddy in acting like a real “h4xx0r”.

Most people, who can’t build such software themselves (either by classic ./configure && make && make install) are also not the people who do something sane with those tools.

I can build. Though a main reason I use Open SuSE is less work I need to do w/ desktop system from the box.
Though each time I’m participating in some work related to pentest/security audit I’m looking for other disto to use . :frowning:

Filtering/blacklisting some applications that already exist on other distros and 've no license problems is a sort of sanctimony, IMO.