Need more info about OpenSUSE

Hope you guys could help me out. I need more information about openSUSE’s features and how it fares against other Linux based OS’s. I tried looking for the info I need on the wiki but I couldn’t find them. I only found stuff about Yast2 and zypp but not about the other things I need.

here’s what I want to know:

  1. What kind of file system does OpenSUSE use and what’s its size limit?
  2. How does it handle and control processes? (Scheduling and stuff like that)

Oh and how different is openSUSE from the original SuSE Linux?

I need this for schoolwork. Plus cos I was also wondering what free Linux based OS to install on my laptop.

thanks for those who’ll help me out!:slight_smile:

First of all: Welcome to the forums!
Seems like noone touched this thread, so I’ll go ahaed. By the way: You should have chosen a more appropriate name, because here you will find a friendly community who will try to help out even in the most difficult cases.
When asking questions, be a little patient. Now right back to your questions: You will find SOME of the greatest features of OpenSuse right here:
Though words may be able to “round up” the philosophy of OpenSuse, experiencing the actual operating system yourself is a whole different experience. Soon you will see that this system is worth the effort.

Why don’t you just take a glance at it’s features and TEST it yourself? C’mon, don’t be shy! :wink:

i am really happy that your instructor wants you to learn about open
software in general and openSUSE in particular…so, send my thanks
to him, but i don’t think we should be doing your school research work
for you…

have you tried Google? for example:

> 1. What kind of file system does OpenSUSE use

> and what’s its size limit?“file+system+limit”

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