Need KDE4 help

Greetings All,

Since upgrading to Suse 11.2, I have been forced to migrate from KDE 3.5 to KDE v4. Although I have figured out some tricks to get things to work the way I want to, there are still some puzzles that I have not been able to solve.

For file management, I work almost exclusively in DETAIL view. I want to see as much information as possible about the file. I also have gotten used to single-click mode.

On KDE 3.5, to SELECT a file (or multiple files), I clicked on one of the information fields. To activate the file, I clicked on the file name. In KDE v4, I cannot figure out how to select only.
Clicking on any of the information fields does nothing.
Clicking on the filename ALWAYS activates it.
My typical usage would be to select a number of files, then right click to delete them.
For the time being, I’ve set double click mode to prevent accidents. Is there an easy way to SELECT a file (or files) only?

On 3.5, Konquerer showed symbolic link information in the detail view. There does not seem to be any way to include this on Dolphin. The only way to determine the link info is to display the Properties pop-up. Is there any way to add this?

This is probably a SUSE issue, rather than a KDE one, but command line editing keys DEL & HOME on the number keypad do not seem to work anymore (I keep NUM LOCK off). Is there some way to add them back? I’m assuming there is some translation table somewhere that can be edited.

Thanx in advance.


I think, hold Ctrl and click.

When you mouse over a file a + symbol will appear on un-selected files, if you click the + the file is selected the + becomes a - which can be used to deselect
But as quoted Ctrl will do the trick, I use it.
Konqueror in kde4 can display much the same as it did in kde3

Dolphin also has a information area and you can enable a host of information fields

I’m an old KDE3 user and went to gnome for a while when KDE4 was in it’s infancy…first thing I do is set everthing for DOUBLE click…so you know you can do that…