Need it back

I have looked at a couple posts here that state a problem after updating. I have one as well, if that’s what an update is…

I get a couple different items, but it won’t load x server which I believe is the GUI for the KDE 3.5 desktop? It never in the past (pre update) asked me to provide a login to advance to it but now it does, I log in using either my general login or root login with applicable passwords and it takes me to the command prompt, I did learn on here to use “startx” which I tried and it started loading until it stopped and gave me the errors, I appologize I don’t have the exact info it gave me right now, I will have to run it again to write it all down. But in the end I can’t use the computer due to the updates. Any way to maybe install the new 11.1 from that point, I was using 10.3 Suse. I am fairly new to Linux so I am really at a loss as to what to try next or what might work. Thanks for any help you can provide.

you give more info of your problems and any hardware details necessary.
what error it gives ?

Probably some no display / screens found error.
What video driver are you using? How you installed it?
Not exactly… X isn’t a GUI for any KDE :slight_smile: Take a look to this: X Window System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Good luck.

Did you have a propitiatory graphics driver from ati or nvidia if so you need to reinstall them


My screen says

xinit: connection reset by peer (error 104)
xinit: No such process(errno 3)Server x

Or something to this effect, any ideas here?