Need Installer/BCD/Boot help!!

Ok, I was trying to install SUSE into the C: drive with my windows so that it could be booted through VMWare (virtual machine) so i had to use the Local installer that is included with the disk… what that basically does. is on the next boot up the BCD (windows boot loader) shows 2 options Windows or Linux Install… problem is… i cant get back into windows… it Always goes to linux install no matter which one i choose…

Help me please :frowning:
I know windows is still there so i shouldn’t have to re-install it at all

have already tried:
Forcing a shutdown (so i get safe-mode and last working options)
That didnt work

Startup Repair included on windows disk
That didn’t work

Command Prompt under Windows disk
Command: bootrec/rebuildbcd
That didnt work

I need help people please :frowning:

Is there any way to remove the installer? or just tell it to shutup???

(Bump) does no1 wanna help or is it really this complex of a problem?

a quick search revealed this [SuSE 11.0] Windows installer uninstall problems - openSUSE Forums]( don’t know if it will help, i don’t have/use windows


I tried installing Suse while windows was running becuas ei want to put it into a folder on windows so it can be used with VMWare anyway that didnt work…

But the installer gave itself a title on windows bootloader BCD or w/e to where when i get to the windows part (after choosing windows in GRUB) it has Windows or Install OpenSUSE (local)

BUT no matter which one i choose, it always goes to the installer… so im kind of screwed as far as using windows now…

(p.s. ive tried forcing shutdown so i can use safemode that doesnt work and i’ve tried the startup repair and bootrec/rebuildbcd commands on windows startup disk)

As this is part of your original post,i have merged them


Yeah sorry for duplicating the post but i figrued the new name might help it out some oh and nothing from that link you gave helped :frowning: thanks for the try though… his was just he couldnt get rid of the option… to install… mine the installer refuses to let me into windows :frowning: