Need help??

Hi Guys,

I am very new to linux…SO if the question seems very silly… forgive me…
I need to run some games which i play in windowsXP like need for speed,etc on linux…
Am having a virtualisation software virtualbox…
can i be able to run those games using tat or i need to do a partitioning for the windowsXP??

THanks for ur help in advance…

Good luck I cant get Wine (windows emulator) to run on Suse. I had it working on Ubuntu 7.10 and installed Microsoft Office and Downtown Run a high graphics racing game. However Ubuntu applications kept freezing up and each time I rebooted Ubuntu changed the resolution and mixed up the icons on the Panel (Taskbar).

I am currently using Suse 10.0 alone (no Microsoft on PC) but it is not supported any longer. So I downloaded the latest Suse 11.0 2gig and 2 days later it would not install (missing repositories).
Sadly unless I can find a linux distribution that works I may have to return to XP.

Could you please let me know how I can post a new message on this forum?


click on the NEW TOPIC button at the top-left of each section of the forum you are in :wink: