Need help working with pv's -s SIZE argument

I am having trouble with the -s SIZE argument for pv, I get the size of the file and directory that I am working with this code:

size=du -b | grep -v '/' | awk '{print $1}'

As you can see the size gets put in a variable called size, but the problem comes when I need to tell pv if this is it bites, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, etc. The ways I have tried are:

pv -pterb -s ($size)k
pv -pterb -s "$size"k
pv -pterb -s $sizek
pv -pterb -s $size\k

All my tries have ended in a failure.

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Can you move the ‘k’ to where your setting $size?

size="`du -b | grep -v '/' | awk '{print $1}'`k"

When I dump that in a test script and echo $size I get the following:


I don’t think pv likes something that

size="`du -b | grep -v '/' | awk '{print $1}'`k"

is doing because when I use it with pv I get this

pv: option requires an argument – ‘s’
Try `pv --help’ for more information.

pv does have the $size variable for -s

You code should be:

size=`du -b | grep -v '/' | awk '{print $1}'` (Same as yours)
pv -pterb -s "${size}"k

That should do the trick. Let us know if that worked.

  • Thejaswi Raya

Maybe modify what you have because now I get then

pv: -s: integer argument expected

maybe it should be something like:

pv -pterb -s "${size}k"

Quite possible. Does “${size}k” work now?

No it has the same error as before.