Need help with wireless and Network Manager in KDE to establish a Static IP address

I have just upgraded to 42.2 and have gotten rid of my ethernet cable connection. My only connection to the internet is through my Realtek 8187 usb. I am running the KDE plasma 5 interface. I have configured the Realtek both using Wicked and Network Manager, and for some reason I get more consistent performance with Network Manager. My questions are 1.) Am I sacrificing performance with my Realtek 8187. It is a very basic usb card and it has been on the market for a few years. Is this thing obsolete? Would I be better off with a better wireless card? 2.) I need to go to a static ip address because of the nature of my connection. In Wicked, I know there is input for this, but where do I access input for the static ip address in Network Manager? I need to input ip address, subnet mask, router and DNS? Apparently if you are using Gnome it is readily accessible, but no so in KDE? Thanks for your help.

On the IPv4 or IPv6 tabs in the connection editor.

Set the method to “Manual”, and then click on “Add” to add an IP address.

Thank you wolfi. I got the ipv4 tab configured ok, but I am not sure if I need to do anything with the ipv6 tab. So far I have not done anything with that setting. I am trying to stabilize the connection to my iphone hotspot. I read that a static ip configuration can help in stabilizing that connection. I have not used the connection to any extent yet so I am not sure if the static ipv4 address has yet solved the problem.