need help with starting dev

I am new to linux development and I dont know much about linux.I have been useing ubuntu and opensuse as a desktop for 9 months now.I have not used them for anything more then a intenet browsing, listening to music and working in blender and gimp.

I have come to enjoy using opensuse vary much and I would like to start developing themes , qt styles, wedgets , small apps ect.
The problem is i dont know where to begin or where to find developer resources, what compilers i need and tutorials.

-languages practiced CSS,java,C/C++, python and some opengl
-programming skill level is beginner

Any help would be vary appreciated.

Starting off, try bash. Bash is the default linux scripting language, and pretty much what batch is to windows. A quick search of bash scripting in google will turn up some good tutorials. While technically you don’t compile bash (its a scripting language after all), you do need to tell linux that its an executable. All of this will be covered in tutorials. For C/C++, gcc and gcc-c++ i think are already installed. If not, get them through yast. Then it is as simple as “gcc HelloWorld.c” (for a C program, obviously). Also, you say you want to learn desktop widgets etc. Again, google is your

Thank you For your help.

Ok i will look into bash and start off with it before running C.

I searched C++ in yast and it says there already installed. :slight_smile:

I tried googling for making desktop and wedges ect but didn’t find anything usefull :|but ill keep looking.

Agian Thankyou

wondering what system folders are files for theme workspaces and decorations ect are stored ?

/usr/share/kde4 is a one place, but KDE setups are too hairy to understand everything from first glance. There are many tutorials on the internet, you may wish to see Development/Tutorials - KDE TechBase for instance.

Thank you! This helps alot.
yes kde is like a jungle but i should be able to figure it out in time.

Thankyou for the link!
It looks like i got lots of reading and learning to do.

A thoroughtout bash tutorials can be found at -> Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide

if you don’t already I would advise using kate (which is a text-editor), helps a lot with object oriented languages and all other kinds of coding stuff. If I were you, I would go for python after bash scripting, pretty easy syntax and powerfull programming language, with wide variety of libraries etc. (Better than C in my opinion)