Need help with setting up x2go server ( openSuSE 12.3)

Hello everyone,

I would appreciate your help with setting up x2go server in openSuSE 12.3.

I have run x2godbadmin --createdb
I can login to the box with password and keyfile
I can login to localhost from withing the box
x2gobroker-testauth returns “authentication successful”

The out-of-place log I found so far resides in ~/.x2go/<SESSION>/session.log and is this:

/usr/lib/NX/x2goagent.bin: line 7: /usr/lib/NX/x2goagent.bin: Argument list too long
/usr/lib/NX/x2goagent.bin: line 7: /usr/lib/NX/x2goagent.bin: Success

Keep in mind that before that it would search for /usr/lib/NX/x2goagent.bin and I made a symbolic link from /usr/bin/x2goagent.bin to it.

I would appreciate any help you can provide. If you need any logfiles / parts of logfiles let me know and I will provide.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Are you still looking for help with this?

Yes please.