Need help with setting up network

Hi just installed suse 11.2 and it installed with no issues. Now I need to know how to set up my wifeless wmp54G V4.

It is recognized as a Ralink Pt256/Rt61/802.11g PCI. I have downloaded drivers and burned to a cd. I have no printer set up so I need instructions on how to get it runing. Thanks for you help. I will have to write down instructions in order to do this put I have the patience thanks again… I’m new to lunix and am eager to learn…

New to Linux and you are using the development release?!

Can I get one of thoselol!

Please post terminal result of

/sbin/lspci -nnk

I’m using this one as it is no different then some of the others i have played around with. Besides I like to try new things. I have tested beta of win 7 and loved it.

I think this is what you want

Network controller [0280]: Ralink RT2561/Rt61 802.11g PCI [1814:0301] subsystem: Linksys wmp54g ver 4.1 [1737:0055] Kernel driver in use: rt61pc1

rpm -qa "*firmware*"

ls -l /lib/firmware/rt*

ip a

I defer to your superior knowledge in this area. Over to you…:wink:

I got it all set and I’m on line I found the info at this address

HowTo Configure a network card in Suse/openSUSE 10, 11 for LAN and Internet Access.