Need help with selecting a new wireless adapter

We just upgraded our DSL to increase the speed. The Qwest service changed
from ADSL2+ to VDSL so a new modem/router was required. We took the “good
deal” Qwest offered and took an Actiontec Q1000 since we’ve had excellent
service from the older Actiontec 701wg units and the new unit uses the same
basic firmware. Major difference in the modem/router is the the Q1000 is a
b/g/n and supports WAP/WPA2 with either TKIP or AES encryption where the
older unit was WPA/TKIP only.

Problem: there is one computer in another building where we used wireless
for the network interface. It’s an older machine but required for the
specialized video projection system (it’s a church and needs all sorts of
projector performance). Anyway, when I configured the new modem/router
wireless was immediately accessible to all the laptops but the media machine
couldn’t even see the SSID, much less connect. Suspecting the USB wireless,
I pulled it and plugged it into my laptop sitting a couple of feet from the
AP - and it still wouldn’t even recognize the presence of the AP until I set
the AP to no security. Enabling only WPA, only WPA2 or WAP/WPA2 made it
disappear. WPA was no problem with the previous hardware. Tried another
brand of USB wireless (USB805022) and go the same result with both Linux and
Windows. OK, these are old USB devices (latest Win drivers date to 2005)
and the newer laptops aren’t having wireless problems so I figure it’s
upgrade time for the media computer’s wireless.

Two questions:

  1. Has anyone run into the problem of an 802.11g WPA capable wireless device
    crapping out with a newer AP when used with any encryption? Academic
    question only.

  2. Are there any problems mixing b/g units with /n units? I would prefer to
    go with 802.11n for any new devices but I have to avoid any potential issues
    with older b/g laptop wireless hardware (which all works fine with only /g
    in the laptops)

  3. Any recommendations for a USB (the computer in question is out of PCI
    slots) wireless? Windows compatibility is required but I would prefer
    something with Linux compatibility since I’m trying to move the whole
    organization to Linux over time.

Will Honea

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