Need Help with Printer HP 3910

Hello all.

I just installed openSUSE today. I’ve used Ubuntu about 2 yrs ago for a bit before I gave it.

So far the installation wasn’t too bad. I have most of the programs I want.

However, I’m running into some trouble with my printer HP 3910. SUSE is able to recognize it and it recommended a driver for me which i installed. However, when i do a test print it does not print anything. Same thing happens in abiword.

UPDATE1: I went into the “job” queue and printed a test page from there. The test print shows up for just 1 sec and then it disappears.

UPDATE2: i tried unplugging the usb and putting it back in again. I turned the printer off…and it doesn’t recognize that the printer is off. tried the test page with printer off…same thing. so there must be something wrong with the driver.

Any suggestions to resolve this problem will be greatly helpful. Thank you

make sure you have the hplip packages installed

then try yast hardware printer again to configure

or run the hp utility from the menu

you can also use CUPS from the browser
CUPS - Explained - openSUSE Forums

Try installing the printer by opening up a web browser and typing in http://localhost:631. This will bring you to the CUPS online utility where you can install and configure printers.

Check here for detailed instructions regarding your printer

OpenPrinting database - Printer: HP DeskJet 3910

There’s info about whether your printer is supported and how to make it work.

I think you need the HPLIP driver. I can’t provide you with any further help on how to install or configure is, as I don’t use that printer.

Hope it helps

Thank you for your assistance. I was able to figure it out from what you all have written down. i was actually having trouble getting hplip to install from cmdline luckly i found a one click install for hplip online. i guess the apt-get command doesn’t work with cmd line on suse. I’ll have to read some more documents :).

Thanks again appreciate the help.

Well done.

Enjoy SUSE