need help with openSUSE dvd/cd

hi everybody,
I would like it to install openSUSE 11 but i
don’t have a dvd/cd burner. And i only need the
dvd/cd and not the documentation. So the boxed
version is no option. Please give me a (cheap)

Tanks Louche Widlin

p.s. i’ve got windows xp now

Please, only one thread on a subject. I’ve unapproved your duplicate thread on this same subject.

but i really need help.
And i don’t know where i can post
it the best

I finally managed to download the Suse.11 ISO using Azureus Vuse. Extracted it to a clean d:/ drive, ran the .exe from XP which seems to set up the choice of operating systems.

Rebooted, chose suse and the installation started fine. I had to come on to the laptop to find that the source file question is answered with “/”. So far so good.

The installer then launched but has currently hung on the time zone set up. I’ve read that it might take 35mins for this to solve itself! We’ll see.

The point is, partition or new drive both seem to work for a downloaded ISO.

Good luck.

thanks for answer