Need help with Nvidia drivers

Finally took the plunge and installed 11.1 on our main pc so we are Windowless house lol! The only problem is I am already starting lose the W(ife) A(cceptance) F(actor)

I having some problems with my display configuration. The hardware is;
Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT
LG L246WP Widescreen monitor 1900x1200 native
connect via HDMI

When I install the Nvidia drivers (via Yast) my display is shifted up and to the left. I don’t see anything in nvidia-settings that will allow me to correct this. The monitor controls for this are greyed out and not accessable. What do I need to add my to my xorg.conf to correct this?

Have you tried configuring with Sax2 and resetting the xorg.conf? There is also a test screen that lets you shift the image.

I forgot to mention that . . . the test screen shift image function wouldn’t work. I couldn’t resize or move it. Trust me, I clicked those buttons a lot. The Sax2 would only let me set the screen resolution to 1600x1000.

Here’s an interesting tidbit . . . I reinstalled Windows and I have the same shift at 1900x1200. Could I have a bad card or cable where the problem only shows up at a higher resolution? Things are fine in openSUSE at 1600x1000 using the default drivers.

And there’s no auto-adjust function on your monitor?

In the HDMI mode on the monitor, the auto-adjust simply display the resolution. After doing some more googling, turns out that this a known problem using a DVI to HDMI cable. One example

In kicker > configure desktop > computer administration > display you can adjust the position


Finally got this sorted. Needed to connect via D-sub and grab the EDID from the monitor. Then point the xorg.conf to this EDID. Link to a full explanation.