Need Help with NFS setup...

My aim is to share a particular folder named ‘MEDIA’ which has all my media (music,movies,tv shows etc.) that I can then view from other devices like Ipad, android phone, windows laptop etc.

I managed to setup a samba server using Yast. So now I can access and play my media like I wanted to. But then I found some Youtube videos that recommended NFS instead, as it has better performance.

I’m using Suse TW (5.0.7-1-default) and followed this guide , to use Yast (GUI) and setup an NFS share. However contrary to the screenshot in that guide my screen says “Firewall not configurable” so I manualy added the ‘nfs’ service to be ‘allowed’ in the firewall section of Yast. (P.S: I now see that there is an ‘nfs3’ service, but I haven’t added that to the ‘allowed’ section. I don’t know if it’s relevant.) Unfortunately I’m unable to access my NFS share from anywhere. I can access my SMB share from all devices though.

I tried to dig around the internet for some answers, but couldn’t find anything specific, but here is the output of some commands that may be relevant:

showmount -e
clnt_create: RPC: Unknown host

showmount -e localhost
Export list for localhost:
/home/emby/MEDIA *

I’d like to get NFS running, so any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I suggest that you stop the firewall service (just temporarily) and then test. If NFS still does not work, then your problem is not with the firewall. Oh, and remember to restart the firewall after testing.

NFS is working fine here, with a Leap 15.0 server. Checking, I’ll note that firewall settings are allowing “mountd”, “nfs”, “nfs3” and “rpc-bind”. Well, it also allows a few other that are probably not related to NFS.

Given the fact that you want this to work cross device and cross platform, I’d suggest you drop the NFS idea, but use f.e. Emby media server or KODI . Most platforms have apps for both and that would cover your needs better than NFS could ever do.

wow! the replies are super-fast on this forum!:cool:


Disabling the firewall on opensuse didn’t make a difference. I guess it’s not a firewall issue then?

Thanks for reminding me to turn the firewall back on, I nearly forgot!


If there is no performance advantage to be had with NFS over Kodi, then I’m already setup. I was actually trying to setup NFS as it was suggested as a ‘best/fastest’ way to streaming/transferring data. But I was unable to setup or test NFS and hence created this post. As for emby, I have used it in the past, but if I want to stream to other devices, I need to pay $$$.:open_mouth:

I guess not. That makes it hard to guess what is the problem.

I should note that I add a line to “/etc/hosts” on all local systems, to make sure that they all recognize the hostname and IP address being used.