Need help with KDE menu button icon

Hi all

I wonder if someone could help me with a rather tricky issue. I need to find which icons that are being used for the menu button for themes breeze-dark and breeze and change it to a custom one. I am stuck. I thought it was /usr/share/iconsbreeze-dark/places/64/start-here-kde-plasma.svg (or 16,22 or 24), but every time I run command lookandfeeltoool -a org.kde.breezedark.desktop it gets the default plasma icon on the menu button. So it seems those files aren’t connected to the theme. It doesn’t matter if I restart computer either.
I don’t want to change it through the UI for hundreds of computers so that’s why I wish it this way.

Change the “Start” icon away from the default – I chose “Places” and “user-identity” – grep through ~/.config/ –


But, I (currently) have absolutely no idea where KDE Plasma searches for the icon images …

The “Start” icon can be changed from the “Application Menu (or Application Launcher) Settings” - Simply click on the icon to change it. - Application Menu - Application Launcher

OK — I’ll go make another coffee, forget my previous post :embarrassed: …

Yes I know, but I wish to know where the icon is. I been through all the files that resides under the folder breeze-dark in various locations, but unable to find the icon that is currently there. I don’t wanna manually change every computer for hundreds of users when the times comes for it.

Cache issue perhaps? Try temporarily renaming “/usr/share/icons/breeze-dark/icon-theme.cache”

no didn’t work

The application launder icon is **** hard to find it seems.

no didn’t work

The application launder icon is **** hard to find it seems

As an afterthought… be aware, as you may be, that any changes you make to icons in “/usr/share/iconsbreeze-dark/*” will be overwritten if there is an update to the icon theme.

If you want to retain customised icon themes they need to be located at “~/.local/share/icons” and are (obviously) on a per user basis.

So it seems… and “start-here-kde-plasma.svg” is the icon I also thought it used.

Edit: also try clearing “~/.cache/icon-cache.kcache”

Edit2: Just looked on a 15.2 system and “/usr/share/iconsbreeze-dark/[size=]/start-here-kde-plasma.svg” symlinks to “start-here-kde.svg” which symlinks to “folder-activities.svg” … nonetheless just replacing “start-here-kde-plasma.svg” would I thought worked… Odd.[/size]

I know, but I aim to manage the computer through a central management system so I can force it anyways.

I tried changing the file start-here-kde-plasma.svg to another image but same filename…nothing changed on the application launder icon. KDE needs to pick up that icon from somewhere, but where???[/size]


When I choose to change theme through Plasma Style instead of Global Theme, the icons changes to the file I exchanged with the default one. Is there a way to change that through command line?

You can run “kcmshell5 style” from the command line, don’t know if you can pass the needed style as an argument though.

Maybe ask over at the KDE forums? – or just experiment…

Yeah I am stuck. I thought I changed right files so when I changed to Breeze Dark with Plasma style, it changed the icon correctly…however after restart it changed it back to the default plasma icon.
My boss wanted OpenSUSE and I am only skilled in Ubuntu (not KDE at all)

I’ve just spent a while trying to achieve what you wanted (on a Leap 15.1 system) - with about as much success as yourself.

I must admit it is rather baffling.

I wondered at one stage if it was using the “start.svgz” (rather than start-here-kde-plasma.svg) icon located at “/usr/share/plasma/desktoptheme/[theme-name]/icons/”, but breeze-dark and breeze-light don’t have an “icons” directory. If one create it and places a “start.svgz” or “start.svg” icon there, it is ignored.

I did, as you probably did also, changed all sizes of “start-here-kde-plasma.svg” to a custom icon. Completely cleared the icon cache within the icon theme and completely cleared the user cache ~/.cache

The only way to reliably change the launcher icon appears to be the “official” way by using “Application Menu (or Application Launcher) Settings”

Sorry, I’m unable to devote any more time to this issue right now, if you find a solution though I’d be quite interested :wink:

Thanks for your time on this.
I will continue to search. On Ubuntu it was easy to change all things I needed, but then came my boss and said Opensuse and everything was changed. I have a long list on what needs to be changed, added and so on for the users platform, but without the cosmetics…I really don’t wanna go further.

Never give up … :slight_smile:

Digging around and applying some grey cells, I suspect that, the following is the case:

  • KDE Plasma relies heavily on the Desktop Themes …

Take a look in “/usr/share/plasma/desktoptheme/” –

  • For example, the Desktop Theme “openSUSE” and the sub-directory “icons” – there’s a “start.svgz” in there which contains an icon which looks suspiciously like the default openSUSE “Start” icon …
  • For the Desktop Theme directory “default” in the sub-directory “icons”, there’s a “start.svgz” in there which contains an icon which looks like the Breeze “Start” icon …

If you replace the “start.svgz” files with the custom Icon, at least in the short term the issue is resolved – but, whenever the systems are patched or updated, you’ll have to replace the factory icon files with the custom icon files …


see my post #13


As a final thought on this, if you’re using a custom icon set using the “Application Menu (or Application Launcher) Settings” that icon reference is stored in “~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc” as mentioned by @dcurtisfra in post #2. The entries are in the form of:

If using “Application Launcher” (default)

icon=file:///path to file/filename.ext

If using “Application Menu” (alternative)

customButtonImage=file:///path to file/filename.ext

The configuration file “~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc” also contains settings for the remainder of the desktop, it’s panel(s). and widgets.

I wouldn’t normally recommend manually editing that file.

If all you systems are going to be initially configured in the same way, then a possible option would be to, on one machine, setup the desktop layout as required, together with changing the icon using the “Application Menu (or Application Launcher) Settings”. Having done that, copy the “~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc” from that machine to the others.

You would need to ensure that the ownership of the file was correct on the destination machine. If each machine has only one user then, as ownership is done by UID rather than actual user name, it should be correct anyway, (as the first user created has UID of 1000) - but as well to check.

As an aside, for multiple deployment of openSUSE you may find this of interest:

Thank you, I will try that

Thanks, I will look into that. I have a more linux-heavy technician in my team that is looking into the autoyast path.