need help with IrDA

hi all,

i am trying to read date from my (polar) watch by using usb-infrared plug. when i plug it to my laptop and ran ‘lsusb’ konsole gives me nice readout that infrared usb-plug is detected. then i tried to start ‘irda’ service from yast, but it doesn’t start. i have tried to start it from /etc/init.d/irda start, but with same result - immediately after start command i run status commando and it tells me that irda is ‘unused’.

i have installed ‘lirc’ package. lirc can’t start - when i run /etc/init.d/lirc start i see that lirc tries to start up lircd but it can’t find device and shuts off.

can anyone help me out to start using infrared…


PS sorry for dubble post (one is in hrdware section). just not sure where it belongs.