Need help with installing PDO_MySQL on OpenSuSE 11.2

There’s a web application that I want to use that requires PDO_Mysql to be installed. I have mysql itself installed already.

How can I verify whether or not I have this module? And if I don’t have it, how do I install it?

I tried searching for pdo_mysql and pdo-mysql in Yast2, but it returned with no results.

any ideas?

It could be the PHP PDO module for MySQL.
Try installing:

zypper install php5-pdo

I actually already have that installed. I’m hoping that’s all I need in order to get pdo_mysql. But thanks for your help.

I hope someone gives you a clue as I need this too.


Hi guys, run:

zypper install php5-mysql

It will install missing pdo_mysql extensions.

Thank you for your input, sadly the problem is not as simple as that, or maybe it is. However when run zypper install php5-mysql the final result is highest version already installed nothing to do.