Need help with installation

Hello I recently downloaded and burned the install DVD for SUSE 11.1. I can boot from the CD and even choose the options of what and how I want to install. I can proceed through the steps of Welcome, System Analysis, Time Zone, Desktop Selection (I select KDE), Disk, and User Settings. However once I reach the installation stage and confirm I want it to start my computer just sits there like it’s doing nothing. The progress indicator sits at 1% and never moves, even after waiting an hour. Above the 1% it says “Preparing disks…” but nothing else happens. I can move the mouse around the screen and the mouse has a spinning icon next to it like it appears to be working, but I cannot click on anything. Even Help and Abort do nothing when I click on them. The only option I have is to reset my computer by either powering off or pressing the reset button on the tower and let it boot to windows (which runs chkdsk automatically). I have tried to install this multiple times but I always get stuck at the same spot. Any idea what is causing this and how I can fix it?

AMD X64 6000+
2 GB Ram
230 GB HD (with 120gb free)
If other information is need let me know and I’ll post it.

did you check the md5sum of the downloaded iso, prior to burning the DVD?

did the burning software report a good burn?

then, even if both of the above said the DVD was good did you do a
media check PRIOR to beginning the install process??

oh, and did you read, understand and follow all of the great info on
SEVERAL pages of

and, it is also a good idea to review this before you begin: