Need help with getline and strtok

I’m doing a total conversion from the bash version of scanvirus. I can use a fixed buffer for getline or a variable buffer(current).

This version reallocates the buffer every time it gets a new string. Then I need to use strtok break the string up to get at the fields. Problem is strtok alters the string that is allocated in getline. Also, I need to remove the new line in the last field from strtok.

Need help with this structure, a better method to do this. Will this result in memory leaks?

     struct stat file_stats;

     char VirusVaultFolder] = "/var/log/VirusVault";
     char VirusFoundFolder] = "/var/log/VirusVault/VirusFound";
     char VirusConfig] = "/var/log/VirusVault/scanvirus.cfg";
     char VirusScanLog] = "/var/log/VirusVault/VirusScanLog.txt";
     FILE *FilePtr;
     char *line = NULL;
     size_t len = 0;
     ssize_t nread;
     const char s[2] = " ";
     char *token;

     int File_Found, File_Folder, status;

     FilePtr = fopen(VirusConfig, "r");
     if (FilePtr == NULL)
         perror("fopen: VirusConfig");

     while ((nread = getline(&line, &len, FilePtr)) != -1)
          if (strstr(line,"TimeStamp= ") != NULL)
              /* get the first token */
              token = strtok(line, s);
               /* walk through other tokens */
               while( token != NULL )
                  printf( "'%s'
", token );
                  token = strtok(NULL, s);
             printf("%s", line); 


strtok alters the original string. Is there a function to convert to a string array without altering the original string length.

I need to take this:

‘string1 string3 string4 string5’

into this:


I’m thinking about using a array of string pointers. Then scan the string for spaces converting them to ‘/0’ characters. Then setting each ptr to the beginning of each string.

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