Need help with a program please help?


I’m new to openSUSE just installed a chess program using YaST2 software installer. The program is called phalanx. It doesn’t show up in the application menu in KDE Desktop and I don’t know how to start the program. Can anyone help?

Look at the application menu and see if there is a heading called ‘Recently Installed’. Click on it and see if your program is there, then drag the icon to your desktop or wherever you like.

If that doesn’t work, open a terminal and try a command like “phalanx &”, without quotes. The ampersand is to release the command line back to your use. Good luck.

it may need a GUI front end to actually play like xboard.

Indeed. I discovered it was installed on my system (don’t know why). The executable is /usr/bin/xphalanx. But it needs ‘xboard’ to run. You have to install ‘xboard’ first.