Need help with a few problems before I uninstall OpenSUSE!!!

I would really love to continue using opensuse 11.1. However. There have been many problems I have ran into since my installation today.

One thing was that updating everything took over 6 hours. The update was in hopes to fix all the problems…

The flash player in Firefox refuses to work. The plugins show it as “yes”.

When I first installed, the fan speed wasnt overloading. After the upgrading it went sky high. And now I cannot right-click the desktop due to the loading cursor being on, i believe the desktop isnt responding.

Compiz Fusion refuses to turn on with my Radeon HD4650 graphics card.

Now before I continue. I would like to inform you that I used ubuntu previously and had NO issue with compiz, firefox, or fan speed at all. Reason why it was uninstalled was due to me wanting to try OpenSUSE. I find it much better, but my thoughts are changing…

Back to the problems.

I have updated everything that had updates in “install software”. I have installed lots of 3 flash players with all the same result… Blank. I have not tried uninstalling firefox, and I have the feeling that it will work if I try, so I will do that after I am done with this post.

This still wont fix the fan speed from being absolutely high, compiz fusion, desktop not responding (hence the cursor always on load), or even the background turning from the official opensuse background to some dark blue one.

My PC specs are:
ATI Radeon HD4650 (Graphics)
4.0gb Memory
450gb HD
2.1ghz AMD Phenom X3 64-Bit

Also, this is dual-booted with vista. Not like that matters, considering it doesnt matter when ubuntu was installed and ubuntu remix dual-booted with XP on my netbook.

Please help me fix all of these. I dont want to end up leaving opensuse for good.

I forgot to mention I am using the Gnome desktop environment. Also, OpenSUSE is running VERY slow right now. Trying to abort a uninstallation using “install software” doesnt work, and trying to exit takes about 10 minutes till the box opens asking if i really want to quit.

nevermind on the help… I just ran opensuse repair and it removed my windows vista boot option and i thought it formatted it at first… i had to use super grub loader to load my vista… I am going to remove opensuse as soon as possible because it wont even open folders for me. Maybe ill do a reinstall, idk yet. but if i do and these problems happen again, i wont think about installing ever again. Unless it is all fixed in 11.2. then ill consider it.

Until then its back to ubuntu.

Sorry, but I cant have a chance of losing my vista os due to opensuse. I have a lot of files on their that I hold close to my heart that I do not wish to lose.

I would hope the Ubuntu installation program would let you install it right on top of openSUSE. There should be no need to “remove” first. I do recommend you back up all your data before you replace openSUSE with Ubuntu.

I seriously doubt 11.2 will address the problems you note.

Instead these read like items that you were not able to configure, for a variety of reasons.

What may be worth your doing some time, if you obtain a hard drive large enough, is tri boot, with your desired Windoze, your Ubuntu, and any distribution that you wish to trial.

I’ve done that on my sandbox PC (with FreeDos, openSUSE, and Fedora/other-distributions) many times.

If you do decide to try openSUSE again, it would IMHO be beneficial for you to give the community more time to respond to help. I note from you a thread in Oct-2008, and then this thread, and NOTHING else. ie you simply gave up before giving time for the help that you probably needed.

Still, Linux is Linux, and I have friends who like and use Ubuntu.

Best wishes in your Linux experience.

Just a further post on this, … if you decide to stick with openSUSE, I recommend you start a new thread with each problem you encountered (by the read of this it will be a number of new threads) and I am fairly confident each of these will be solvable in turn.

> Sorry, but I cant have a chance of losing my vista

yep, that would be a tragedy.


I dont really care for vista at all, trust me lol. The only thing I use it for is Gaming. But there are things from my past such as internet converstions that I hold close to me that I really do not want to lose. Me and my girlfriend were at my house reading them and it was sweet. I want to actually look back on those and tell our kids.

So trust me, vista can suck it.

And I will indeed try OpenSUSE again. I think one of the reasons why it was messing up was because I installed some weird restricted apps that I found on the forums here. I think they were for a previous version. Idk if any previous opensuse version apps can mess up the current os itself, but who knows.

Ill most likely do what you did. Just pop in opensuse into a old but good PC and do some testing.

Keeping Vista to save dear parts of your life?? LOL, I live from people loosing dear and other parts of their life due to, let’s call it the imperfection of, Vista. You don’t need openSUSE or else to get to some kind of data loss, Vista on it’s own is enough.

Before you start again, READ READ READ READ. I’ve done so many installs, Windoze, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, it’s simply not going this way. If you had read, you’d have known you need a third party driver for the ATI card, like you need on Vista. Oldcpu is right: posting and leaving like this, is not the way to do it.

Just to add with the other posts, I’ve just done a clean install on a computer last night and had no problems. I have a fairly straightforward process of installing that hasn’t failed me yet. So if you do reinstall, make sure to do things step-by-step.

First you’ll want to do an update because openSUSE will pull in things like flash-player, ms fonts, and a kernel upgrade (if you used an official dvd or live-cd). The kernel upgrade can possibly break your ati driver if you try to do that before updating, so firstly just do the update to get everything up to date. If you’re using KDE then you’ll want to add either the KDE 4.2 repositories or the factory 4.3 repositories, depending on which kde you want to use, then do an update to update your KDE (not sure if GNOME needs extra repositories, if not then a regular update should update gnome as well). Finally, after everything is updated, Add the ATI repository and install your ati drivers. Then you can configure openSUSE to use the new drivers with sax2.

Easy as that. You have a working openSUSE computer. Then you can add all the extras such as multimedia codecs and extra software. But the lesson is, do it step-by-step so if you have a problem you can post the problem on the forums and get help with it.

Like the others said, if you do decide to reinstall openSUSE make sure to read up first. There are wikis, how-to’s, and forum threads on all the steps I listed. And if you can’t figure something out don’t be afraid to ask on here. We won’t bite :wink:

Take Care,