Need help to resolve update issue

I get a security update warning about AdobeAir. The update app tells me nothing provides but I found it in a package through webpin. Installing that package does not resolve the PackageKit Error thrown up by the updater applet. Do I need to clear a cache or something to make this go away? Wondering if I need to reinstall adobeair or if I need it at all. I got it for tweetdeck and that doesn’t work right anyway

I don’t have AdobeAir
Is provided in my system by: libxml2

If search in software Manager for:
With the rpm provides box checked, you should find the same.

Other than that I can’t advise

I did find that was installed where it was supposed to be (after I checked the “rpm provides” box). But it was only a link to libxml2 which was in the same directory. Perhaps that was somebody’s work-around. I seem to have resolved the issue the Windows way. I uninstalled Adobe Air, reinstalled it and rebooted. I don’t know if the error will come back the next time a patch is called for by yast update, but for now the nagging has stopped.

Thanks for the response.

Great - Well done!