Need help setting up wireless on HP Pavilion dv5

I’ve just installed OpenSUSE 11.2 w/KDE interface on a HP Pavilion dv5-1010us laptop.Now we’re trying to get the wireless to work. It’s got a built-in wireless adapter, but we’re not sure what kind of adapter it is. HP’s Website is no help there. According to another site, it’s an Intel WifiLink 5100. I did download the wireless driver from the HP site, but it’s a .exe file. Anyone had any luck setting up this or a similar HP laptop. I couldn’t find this model on the HCL/Laptops/HP - openSUSE page, but it seems OpenSUSE supports wireless other HP Pavilion models.Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

First you need to find out if SUSE detected the card or not. Either run dmesg from the terminal or look in the logs in YaST2.

For the information needed to attack the problem look here
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