Need help removing dualboot which brings up installer

Hi all

I had a dual boot system but decided to remove OpenSuse for the time being. I deleted the partitions containing OpenSuse using GParted and set Vista (soon to be upgraded to Win 8) as boot.

How do I remove the dual boot that remains (see attachment). Its a strange because its asking to install OpenSuse, but there is nothing to be installed.

Thanks - HD structure. Note that the grey blocks are listed as “unallocated” - Opensuse still listed as an option ?

You still have the Grub boot loader in MBR, the first sector of your hard disk. Use a Windows repair disk to rewrite a generic boot code in MBR. Then you won’t see this screen anymore.

Thanks for the suggestion. I dont have a Windows disk anymore… can this be done with Trinity Rescue Disk / Knoppix or some other way?

Thanks again


It seems I dont have the option of creating one… Ive found this tool online which may do the trick; Download Benjamin Burrows UBCD4Win | PCWorld

I don’t know about other rescue discs. You should be able to create a Windows rescue boot disk from any Windows installation on another computer installed with the same version. If you’re thinking of dual-boot systems, bear this in mind in future! But of course hindsight is always 20/20. If you are able to find a rescue disk, you may find the guide (for Windows 7, but it’s similar) for recovery in How to Fix Windows 7 When It Fails to Boot .

In the meantime, if you’re going to upgrade to Windows 8 soon anyway, you’re best bet is probably keeping GRUB until you do. And while you’ve still got Vista, you also may want to keep the installation of a sensible operating system on your hard drive :).