need help regarding path variables


I installed a new program I want to use. What to I have to enter where to acces the programm from every directory? (Im using linux for 4 days now and have no Idea…). In the installguide of the installed software it says something about editing the .bash-profile, but I cant find such a file.
Help please :slight_smile:

It could be of help if you tell us what program you installed, where you got it from (a website or did you use YAST to install it), and exactly what you’re trying to do.

Take Care, and also Welcome!


Hi. I installed an astronomical software called montage.
and I used this guide from them
Montage User Documentation

Im stuck at 5.
Once I entered the PATH=… line, and that worked. But after that I could not use the ls or l command any more…

What I want to do now is to be able to use a program of the package from every directory, not from the specific program directory.

I need this for my study at the university, and unfortunately I never used any kind of linux before.

Are you sure you did enter the PATH=… line correctly? When done correctly your ls, etc should still work


Do not skip the $PATH: part in it!

And to make it work at every login, add it to your $HOME/.profile .