Need help on installing Knetworkmanager the offline way

hi guys,

i’ve accidentally uninstalled knetwork manager when i blindly selected to remove it as a dependency for a program which i intended to delete.

is there any way i can re-install it back the offline way? or is there to access the internet with a built in function?

i do however am able to access the internet thru this computer which is winxp. so if i need to download something i am able to do it thru this computer.


oops… my bad i didnt know there’s an alternative connection called ifup

sorry for my noobness

for other’s who is facing something like mine refer to here…

Configure a network card in Suse/openSUSE 11.x for Internet Access & wifi.

One thing to remember when you are work form a machine that is offline, go to the repo manager and disable all but the DVD/CD. That way it doesn’t try and connect to install packages and throw all kind of errors at you.

Unless for example you manually download the package on another machine, and then use: rpm -ivh package.rpm

And when you have the CD/DVD as the only enabled one, you can install from there. Once you have connection again you can update when needed.