Need help installing openSUSE to thumb drive.

I think you lack a lot of basic Unix/Linux knowledge.

Try to understand the basics about users, ownership of processes and ownership snd permissions of files.

Don’t you think that it would be rather dangerous when a user (just one of the many users that are (or can be) on your system) would be able to change things (in this case add a program) to the data of the HTTP server that apparently is also running on your system?
The web-server environment has his it’s own user and users are protected against other users destryoing their things.

Thanks for this, it worked.

That’s why I’m not doing this on my main Linux system, that’s why I asked if it’ll be possible to install onto thumb drive and practising it on openSUSE installed to thumb drive, after I’m done with the book, I’ll just format the thumb drive and flash it with a Live OpenSUSE image again.

Fine it works. We are glad to be of help.

It is OK you do this on a test system. always saver.

In any case, restart your last question about permissions and ownership in a new thread. It does not belong here.