need help..installation giving error

i am new to linux. i downloaded opensuse 11.0 and tried to install it. my pc has 2 hard disks.

  1. 250 gb sata
  2. 80 gb sata

i have windows xp on 250 gb harddisk.
i want to install linux on a 25 gb partition of 80gb hdd
and dual boot both os.

when installing it is showing the following error:

partition is nfs. cannot install bootloader.
pls help me…thank u.

It probably says NTFS, not nfs.

This means you picked the right partition, but there’s an NTFS file system on the partition where the bootloader files are installed. So, you’re reusing a windows partition to install on. Can’t be done.
During install you will meet the partitioner. Tell it to make the / (and /home if that’s on a separate one partition have an ext3 filesystem, reinstall, done.