Need help creating large partition in hard drive

I am so sorry but this is not for me. I cant make this work.
Can anyone walk me through?
I want to install windows xp back in my pc, i just give up with Linux, I lack the expertise to do anything here.

If your computer came with a boot-able restore disk, then boot it and follow the instructions. Some PC’s come with a separate boot partition that can be used with a diagnostic disk to restore a PC back to normal. You may need to call your PC technical support to determine what your options might be. If you just purchased a retail full install copy of Windows XP, you need to boot the disk and let the install do its thing. Windows XP is up to service pack three which you must download from Microsoft and load for yourself. If your copy of XP is at least with Service Pack 2, you can get SP3 on-line after you finish your install. When you load Windows XP from a retail disk, it will be up to you to find any required hardware drivers, not included in Windows XP. Don’t forget you need an original and valid Product ID code for your Microsoft Product and need to register it on-line after you install the product. Products that have been registered before, may require an automated phone call to Microsoft to authorize your computer to work. If you have a UPGRADE copy of Windows XP, you will need an even older copy of Windows, like Windows 98, to upgrade from.

Good luck with your Windows XP reloading. When you installed openSUSE, you were given a change to resize your Windows partition and have both Linux and Windows loaded on the same computer, this might have been a better option for you to use. Also, for those uncertain on using openSUSE, the Live boot-able CD would be a better choice which lets you try out Linux without really loading it on your PC.

Thank You,

Thanks James. My OS was toasted when I tried to get it to work. The antivirus virus. Would not boot. When I installed Opensuse it told me that it could not work like that and could not keep 2 partitions so I choose to create a new opensuse only partition. I will try to install windows 2000 that I have to see if that works.