Need help creating a custom ISO

Hi, I posted on reddit also but no replies so I’m posting here too;

I’m looking to have a simplified custom openSUSE tumbleweed .iso created by open build service.

All I want is LXQT (and its base apps from the LXQT pattern) with a custom openbox theme, nice looking wallpaper and custom cursors. Base, enhanced_base, x11 and fonts pattern plus of course yast2-firstboot in the normal openSUSE TW installation order.

Flatpak and the mobile pattern should also be included if installing on a laptop. This yast thing might also be useful for providing a nice GUI for installing and updating applications and the OS, and as a modern responsive control panel, I don’t know.

No Firefox, instead Brave browser with the debloat custom settings from privacyguides.

And of course automatic update notifications every week, like any normal OS should have.

A cool extra but not necessary option would be to make the installable apps from the recommended tools section on privacyguides optionally installable when installing the OS. Maybe labwc and wayland &/ some neat window managers like hyprland or even dwm would be cool options to have also.

This should be simple and straightforward and take no more than a few minutes to build using the openSUSE open build service, right?

My only small problem is that I can’t seem to find the simplified form in the open build service to do this simple task. I tried, but it’s all containers, images, templates, etc. and I can’t find simple custom .iso maker… pls help

Do not you want exactly the customized image? Start with the standard one and adjust as needed.