I am a total linux newbie so please be gentle. All I am trying to do is load OpenSUSE on my laptop and the installation never finishes. I already know the solution, but I don’t know what it means. I have two Nvidia cards in SLI configuration. And the fix says, :Workaround on openSUSE 11.0:
‘sax2 -r -c 0’ or ‘sax2 -r -c 1’. Depends on which one is the primary graphics
card." I have NO idea where to put that in. Is it when I am installing? Or what? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me. I also read somewhere where I need to change the file or something like that. All I need is someone who can REALLY help me and keep it very simple and in plain english for a total newbie. Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

I would fix it the other way. Disconnect one graphic card. Allow it to install. After succesful installation connect them (don’t forget to turn off Your PC) together and install (compile) nVidia drivers. Then i would run sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia 1=nvidia
Oh wait, it’s a laptop, is there an option to turn off SLI in Bios?

Include some more details. When is the installation failing, what is it showing, include it in Your message. Like that it’s impossible to help.

Zero 0
would be primary by default

editing xorg.conf can be done from the CLI - Login to runlevel 3, go su and issue the appropriate command if you know what it is.

I have never configured a pair of SLI cards, but your command looks incomplete. You should have perhaps given more information, including the source of your FIX info. And you will of course need the nvidia diver appropriate for your card and machine.

He says he can’t install but i really doubt he would have problems with installing by having SLI configuration so it must be something else. But if it is so then we need more details when it is failing etc. And caf4926 You are as always right right :slight_smile:

Ok my system is a Dell M1730 with dual Nvidia GeForce 8700M GT in SLI. The installation seems to go well and then when it boots up it says, “Your previous installation has failed. Would you like to continue? You might have to enter some information again.” The fix I was referring to I got from this site here [Bug 417882] Dual nvidia cards result in Final stage of installer crashi]( which is exactly my problem duplicated.