Need help adding/installing repos and program (AnyDesk)


I’m trying to setup AnyDesk via their official repos. They have some instructions on their site (and I’ve seen the same on other sites) but I cannot get them to work and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’m new to oST/Zypper/YasT and any help would be so appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!

Here are the instructions (specific to oS) and the link to their site:

  • for OpenSUSE linux add the repository:
    cat > AnyDesk-OpenSUSE.repo << “EOF”
    name=AnyDesk OpenSUSE - stable

zypper addrepo --repo AnyDesk-OpenSUSE.repo

As you did not describe what you did, we have no way to know what you were doing wrong either.

There is a trivial problem and a substantial one.
The trivial part, you need superuser power to add repositories, so maybe you need “sudo” here and there, as in:

bruno@LT_B:~> cat > AnyDesk-OpenSUSE.repo << "EOF"
> [anydesk]
> name=AnyDesk OpenSUSE - stable
> baseurl=$basearch/
> gpgcheck=1
> repo_gpgcheck=1
> gpgkey=
bruno@LT_B:~>sudo zypper addrepo --repo AnyDesk-OpenSUSE.repo
[sudo] password for root: 
Adding repository 'AnyDesk OpenSUSE - stable' ................................................................................[done]
Repository 'AnyDesk OpenSUSE - stable' successfully added

URI         :
Enabled     : Yes
GPG Check   : Yes
Autorefresh : No
Priority    : 99 (default priority)

Repository priorities are without effect. All enabled repositories share the same priority.

Now the substantial part.
AnyDesktop requires libpangox-1_0-0 and pangox-compat which are deprecated in openSUSE Leap and not available at all in official repos for Tumbleweed.
Nevertheless those packages were built by individual users for TW and are available in their home repos, as you can check here:
Problem is nobody knows how safe it is to install packages from those community repos and if the packages work at all.
I would not recommend installing those packages but if you absolutely need AnyDesktop do that at your own risk.
Of course, without those packages (or without enabling the relevant community repositories) the “zypper install” command is going to fail.

Personally I would use one of the remote desktop packages available from the official Tumbleweed repositories.

Looked around, looks like the specific library you’re trying to find was deprecated (abandoned) back sometime around 2013.
But, Pango itself apparently is still alive and kicking, with a release as recently as last year (2019).

It’s a wild try, but you might try installing Pango instead

And if that’s not a drop in replacement, try to find the specific file that’s named closest and try doing a sym-link.
If that works, you’ll have the best of all worlds… a dependency that satisfies the requirement using up to date code with a much lower chance of unpatched vulnerabilities (I don’t know how you feel about the security of code last maintained in 2013).

Whatever you decide to do,
I’d also recommend you contact folks at Anydesk to apprise them of the currently maintained Pango, and that they might want to consider looking into updating their software to it. Who knows, maybe all it would take to fix is for Anydesk to modify their dependency to look for, and support version 1.44.7+11