Need help about Intel 965GM driver

hi guy,

i`m got problem with my Lenovo Y410 with intel 965GM chipset
i currently running on opensuse 11.1 with vmware player that windows xp in it, the question is :-

  • i wan to make windows xp support the direct3d but dun know why still cannot, i try many idea from many forum :stuck_out_tongue: so now stuck in installing latest driver for intel 956GM, i already download the xf86-video-intel 2.6.0.tar.gz that released in 2009-1-15 from, the problem is… i dont know what i have to do with it, the guide that they give not helping me since im new, anyone can help me to do it in simple way for a noob like me?

sory for the stupid question and bad english… but i`m really need help :smiley:

Hi guy,

Make sure the driver downloaded is for end users, not for developers.
I have a laptop with Intel 965 GM graphics adapter and I used to have
many problems with openSUSE 11.1 64 bits. I tried many thing to have
my video card working fine openSUSE 11.1, including search for drivers
in the Intel’s site, but every thing I found was driver for developers.

I would like to say that, using openSUSE 11.0 is really a good idea id you
do not have a too new laptop. The video settings work great, including
3d acceleration (although the card is too slow for playing some games).
I have MPlayer and RealPlayer 11 installed in my laptop and I can
watch every movie I want in excellent quality. Note, I think the problem
with our graphics adapter is not with openSUSE 11.1, but with the kernel
version it is based on: kernel 2.7.xx.xx-x.x-x. So, my hint is:
use openSUSE 11.0 that is based on kernel 2.6.xx.xx-x.x-x (mine is, or any other distribution of Linux that uses kernel
different from 2.7.xx.xx-x.x-x.

I hope I have helped. Any way, good luck.



Just in time to say I am sorry. The kernel that have problems with
the Intel graphics adapter is 2.6.27.xx-x.x-x, not 2.7.xx.xx-x.x-x as I have
said. So, my idea is to use distributions based on kernel different from

Sorry by the mistake.