Need guidance- Leap 15.3 Installation aborted due to Invalid signatue for repomd.xml

Hi Everyone and thanks in advance for any guidance (and please forgive my lack of knowledge). I’ve been using a VERY old version of OpenSUSE on an ancient PC for many years because it suited me just fine for the scientific program I used it for, but now it’s become a necessity to

I have a never-used PC that I’m working with and I’m setting it up to dual boot Leap 15.3/Windows.

I’ve downloaded the iso image for Leap 15.3 (checksum is good) and burned the image to a dvd. When I boot the dvd, it gets only a couple minutes into the installation and I get the error message in a red window:

“cd:/repodata/repomd.xml: Invalid signature. Installation aborted.”

When I hit “ok”, the installation continues, but soon after, I get another error message"

“Calling the YaST module 'inst_complex_welcome has failed.”
Then I see

“YaST2 Error Caller:/mounts/mp_0001/usr/share/YaST2/lib/y2packager/repomd_downloader.rb:86:in ‘read’”

It now aborts the entire installation process and I have to exit.

So, does anyone know what is going on here? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


Either your DVD disk or DVD drive are bad. Try another disk, if it does not help, chances are your drive is dying.

Hi arvidjaar, thanks for the response. So, you think it is just a problem with burning the iso image to the dvd that is causing the failure? I can try burning from a different workstation to see if that helps. The dvd drive on the computer to which the Leap 15.3 is being installed should be good since it has never been used.

You can also “burn” to 8GB-USB-Stick with dd or imagewriter

Thanks guys! I burned the iso image to a flash drive and the installation went off without a hitch. I really appreciate the help.