Need GUI based File checker

But the taskbar at the bottom of the screenshot is a clue that I am demonstrating Krusader from within Gnome. Just install Krusader via Yast and sufficient supporting files from KDE will be imported to support it. I recommend that you install kdiff3 at the same time (for a byte by byte comparison of two files for example). This function shows up as “Compare by Content” in the file menu.

As long as you take care, Krusader is especially useful in Supervisor or Root mode, e.g.

and if you don’t know already, you will find the checksum functions here

Note that whilst in supervisor mode if you right click on a file and then choose “Open With” and then for example “Gedit” then the application started this way will be spawned also with root privileges. This all may seem absolutely wonderful but don’t forget that working this way is nearly as dangerous as logging on as root. Please take this warning seriously: These root privilege tools provide you with the means of hosing the operating system unless you think carefully about what you get up to.


Oops! Wherever I have written “supervisor” I should have written “superuser”.

Thank you all for your valuable suggestions

installed krusader:-), very nice filemanager, very configurable, the only defect in md5 is that it wants a file to verify md5sum and don’t accept the md5 hash number:-(

That’s not a defect. That is an asset.

If you open this hyperlink to the openSUSE download page and then right click on the md5 checksum hyperlink and choose “Save Link As” you will be prompted to save the file named “openSUSE-11.3-DVD-i586.iso.md5”. If you save it in the same location as the actual iso file (and as long as the original downloaded iso file has not been re-named) then Krusader will find the checksum file automatically, understand the format of the file and use it directly. Just how much easier do you want life to be? The same applies to the sha1 checksum method which can operate on exactly the same iso file but is more secure and accurate.


Found that The GNOME Commander can also find checksums,but when i installed it, it messed up the open with menus pretty badly.Had to delete the “.g…” file in home folder to reset the “open with” settings