Need GLX or catalyst for opensuse 12.3 HD3450

How can I use Ati HD3450 with GLX support to use Blender.
After upgrading to opensuse 12.3 there is no catalyst support for Radeon hd2xxxx to hd4xxxx
Enabling RadeonHD driver did not work.

opensuse 12.3 X86_64

Solved going back to opensuse 12.2 x86_64 KDE.
First, save money and then spending on a new ati card.

There is no radeonhd driver anymore for a while now.

Your card is supported by the standard radeon driver as used by default, though I don’t know how well… This one does support GLX and it works quite well with my old Radeon 9600.
Newer versions of the driver should work better even with your card, so maybe try again with 13.1 when it gets released? (November)
(You could of course also upgrade the radeon driver and/or kernel to the latest versions when using 12.3… :wink: )