Need for a new Spanish forum


The linked external Spanish forum has been down for months, not for the first time due to technical migration issues or glitches. I certainly appreciate the effort made thus far, but it is a one-man project and I think it would be a good time to create a Spanish subforum within this site. We would greatly appreciate it and it would look more professional.


First thing then is to go here:
and scroll down to "How do I request language specific forums?


I sent a mail to forums.o.o admin, and we get the same answer.
Well, the spanish forum staff are evaluating different options. The spanish forum admin is trying to recover the old stuff, and we have some options on the table.

  • New vBulletin version
  • New forum software
  • Or forum in forums.o.o

Please patience with this, the admin is busy, and sometime 24h a day are not enough! :wink:

've phun!!

Spanish forum started yet/?

Thanks to forums admins now there’s a spanish specific forum. You can check it out here:ñol-(Spanish)

've phun!!