Need C++ and a tutorial

If this should have been posted elsewhere, then I’m sorry. (This is related to programming, though.)
Where can I download a version of C++ for Linux? Also, can anyone point me to a good tutorial website of C++?

If you install gcc (the GNU C Compiler) and gcc-c++ in YAST software management they should help. Or you can select ‘patterns’ and have a browse through ‘base development’ or ‘C / C++ development’. Or just install them en massse, they aren’t that big.

Can’t recommend any tutorials, but the actual “The C++ Programming Language” by Bjarne Stroustup is an awesome book. It should be - he wrote C++.

C++ Primer by Lippman and Lajoie is also quite good for a beginner, but it’s a bit on the unnecessarily wordy side…

[ETA- the thing with C and C++ is they don’t change. If you’re serious about learning, get a book, because the basics won’t go out of date…]

Yes, I’ve already got a book on C++ (or maybe I haven’t… Don’t know where it is anyway) but that’s very very outdated. It was written in the time when MS-DOS was a popular PC operating system. That book even explained how to install C++ on a MS-DOS system! lol!
Do you know of an online free C++ tutorial for newbies like me?


maybe - The C++ Resources Network is what you are searching for.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the good tutorial! :slight_smile:
I’ll do my best to learn from it.

I don’t know any websites for C++, but ‘Programming and Problem solving with C++’ is a good book to learn from.